Pottery Studio Docent Opportunity

Please use the link to sign up


There are benefits to volunteering at the Spinning Out Pottery Studio. More time creating pottery, learning more details about pottery and how to make and sell, and most importantly meeting awesome people and creating a great community.

There are multiple ways you can volunteer. 

  1. Cashier, please use this signup
  2. Ornament maker Helper, please use this signup
  3. Cleaner and organizer (we always need help cleaning tools, and floors, making processes smoother)
  4. Donate supplies (we can recycle items you want to get rid of). Items like Grocery bags, paper bags, bubble wrap, amazon paper, and newspaper)
  5. Mixing Glazes (Let Nicki know that you want to learn and help)
  6. Help setup/breakdown for sales events


If you have any questions, please ask Nicki.